Most people renew domain names annually, signing up for another year right before it’s about to expire. And that seems like a good strategy to keep money in our pocket as long as we can.

However, as cool as this sounds, this is very dangerous considering the fact that you could lose your domain name when it eventually expires.

It sounds odd but you could actually forget to renew your domain name before it expires (you know how much you are trying to keep tabs on on a regular basis?). It would probably be the last thing on your mind and this could cost you your beautiful domain name in the end and much more money buying it back or purchasing a new one.

However, there are good reasons to take a long-term approach with domain names. 

  1. You save money in renewing your domain names compared to buying new domain names.
  2. 2. You avoid the risk of losing your domain name.

So how do we make sure we are always prompt in renewing our domain names?

Set a reminder

It’s simple. Whenever a domain is registered, throw an item in your calendar to-do list app a year from now with your domain name in it. If you’re not that religious with your appointments, then your email address will function in the same manner. Domain registrars usually send you reminder emails when your domain is nearing its expiration date.

Buy more years

Domains can typically be registered for up to ten years in advance.

So which would you prefer? Being safe or running the risk that could be really costly?